Can I get a delivery to my hotel?


  • Legal delivery services may only deliver to residences listed on the customers’ ID. 
  • No deliveries to hotels are permitted. 
  • We recommend being discrete when carrying any product in hotels.

Where can I smoke legally?

Only One Place Legally: Nuwu Lounge

  • NuWu Cannabis Marketplace has the only legal consumption lounge in town for those that want to be completely worry-free when consuming. This can be pricey, but more lounges are expected to open in 2021.
  • Besides the lounge, in order to LEGALLY smoke and consume cannabis, you must be at a residence with the owner’s permission.
  • Airbnb has been a way for some traveling consumers to enjoy themselves legally with renters’ permission.

Does higher price equal quality?

Hell No

  • DISPENSARIES ARE RETAIL OPERATIONS. Expensive does not always equal the best value, or the best product.
  • Nevada’s Cannabis Industry is different than most states’ cannabis markets. In the normal cannabis market, a dispensary grows and produces much of the product it sells, and purchases product from vendors to increase selection as needed.
  • In Nevada, many dispensaries do not produce product and only purchase from vendors. Because of this, the same product will be seen on multiple dispensaries’ menu. This leads to competition among vendors, but as in any retail industry, certain brand names are more respected and valued at a higher price.
  • Budtenders that work at dispensaries take all forms: some are great with customer service, some not so much. Some are knowledgeable and some are not. Some will try to upsell you or sell the most profitable product, while others will truly help you find the best value for your situation.
  • We recommend talking with locals online or in person to find the best product for you.
  • We also highly recommend taking a few minutes to learn about Cannabis Terpenes…

Wait, What’s a Cannabis Terpene?

Aromatic Oils that "Flavor" Cannabis

  • Most people are familiar with THC, the molecule in cannabis that produces a ‘high’. However, different cannabis products have different effects…
  • The terms ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica’ have been used for decades to describe the genetics of different cannabis strains.
  • Over time, the idea that “strains with more sativa genetics have an energizing effect, and strains with more indica genetics have a sedating effect” became mainstream, with no research to support this.
  • Modern research supports the idea of the Entourage Effect in which “varying levels of terpenes produced by different strains, combined with varying levels of cannabinoids, produce the different effects of cannabis.”
  • In Nevada, cannabis products are tested for safety, potency of cannabinoids (such as THC), and potency of these varying terpenes.
  • See our ‘Terpenes’ page to learn more about different terpenes and their effects. (Coming Soon)

How much can I purchase?

Ounce of Flower or 3500mg of THC

  • Recreational Consumers and Medical Marijuana Patients may purchase 1 ounce (28 grams) of flower, or 3500mg of THC in combined marijuana products (flower/edibles/vapes /concentrates) for every 24-hour period.
  • Recreational Consumers may carry up to 1 ounce of flower at one time.
  • Medical Marijuana Patients may carry up to 2.5 ounces of flower, however, may still only purchase 1 ounce in the 24-hour period.
  • Dispensaries of different companies do not share customers’ information with each other. Because of this we are aware of consumers that have purchased with multiple companies in order to purchase more than one ounce in the 24-hour period.

What taxes should I expect?

Recreational = 18.375% Medical = 8.375%

  • All medical and recreational marijuana products (containing THC) are taxed the state sales tax rate of 8.375%.
  • Recreational marijuana (if you DO NOT have a medical marijuana card) are also taxed a 10% excise tax in addition to the sales tax (=18.375%).
  • Some shops charge an extra 3% business tax (for a combined total of 21.375%) from doing business in unincorporated areas of the city. We recommend asking about the charge if you are charged 21.375% tax.

Will my state’s medical card work?

Hell Yea

  • Most dispensaries accept out-of-state Medical Marijuana Cards.
  • This will allow Medical Patients to avoid the additional 10% excise tax, along with qualifying for several dispensaries’ “First-Time Medical Patient Specials”.

Can I fly out with cannabis?

We do not recommend this

  • We are aware that every day people fly out of Las Vegas with cannabis in their luggage.  Even so, as transporting cannabis between state lines is a federal offense, we will not recommend this.

The information listed above is for educational purposes only.

These statements are not intended to be used for legal advice and should not be used as such.

To learn more visit for Official State Information About Marijuana In Nevada.